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Business Name : Accent Landscaping and Lawn, LLC
Address : PO Box 10012
Phone Number : (256) 679-0140
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Category : Landscape Designers
Year founder : 2001
Location type : Single Location
Annual Revenue (In Thousands) : Unknown
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Are you looking to improve the look of your house's landscape or increase the efficiency of your irrigation system? Accent Landscaping and Lawn, LLC has been helping Huntsville residents transform their homes for a long time. Our entire team can assist you provide quality landscaping services you can trust regardless of whether you wish to improve your existing landscaping or irrigation system, or simply add an element.

Accent Landscaping and Lawn, LLC is an Huntsville, AL based company that provides full tree care, such as tree planting, tree spraying to control insects and diseases(ips beetle, emerald Ash borer, etc ...), deep root fertilization, tree removal trimming trees, and stump removal or stump grinding . We also offer lawn fertilization, aeration, weed control, sprinkler winterization snow plowing, as well as full landscaping install and maintenance services. At Accent Landscaping and Lawn, LLC we recognize that every job is as unique as every person with whom we work. Accent Landscaping and Lawn, LLC's goal is to care for every client and satisfy their unique tree and lawn care needs. Visit our website to find out more about our services!

Accent Landscaping and Lawn, LLC is among the very few big, complete firms in town that is able to really meet all your needs in a variety of lawn services. Our lawn care services include landscaping installation and maintenance trimming and pruning trees and shrubs, sprinkler systems, power raking, aeration and fertilizer, spring and fall maintenance, snow removal, patio installation, weeding and leaf removal using the best commercial equipment in the market. We intend to continue providing complete services to our customers in the future. We, as a company believe we're better able to service our customers who are regular clients by offering multiple services for an all-inclusive lawn maintenance schedule. This means that problems with lawns, sprinklers, pest and drought are recognized immediately and addressed. We're grateful that you chose us to assist you with your lawn maintenance needs. We hope to serve you with your next lawn-related projects.

Services We Offer

  • Landscaping DESIGN and Construction: For both residential as well as commercial customers. We'll work with you to create the perfect landscape arrangement for your home and put it in place quickly and efficiently.
  • Landscape Maintenance: We specialize in maintaining commercial landscaping, making sure your exterior image to the world looks great every day week after week, all year long.
  • Plant Design and Installation: The plants and flowers are typically the most stunning elements in a beautiful landscape. We are able to access an amazing array of flowers and are able to arrange it and place it to make your landscaping come alive.
  • Tree planting and tree removal: The wrong tree in your front or back yard is not only undesirable it can also pose a risk. Even large trees can be removed without causing any harm to your property. To enhance your property, we can also plant new trees. We can also perform services such as stump grinding, tree or hedge trimming.
  • Landscape Lighting, Landscape Irrigation, Snow Removal and More: We can almost always meet your landscaping needs if you call us.

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